So I just tried to visit www.unthink.com, and it said, “Unthink is over capacity.  Please try again later.”  Eek.  So will Unthink, as they claim, really be the catalyst for a social revolution?  Might be hard if folks can’t get onto their site…

Heifer International

In this season of giving, I wanted to highlight a charity that really makes a difference.  What makes Heifer International different is its focus on giving a hand-up not a hand-out.  It’s all about improving a family’s situation in a sustainable way by providing a on-going source of food and income.  Through Heifer International, you can donate gifts of livestock and training that will significantly impact the lives of families living in poverty.


Are you ready for a social networking site that seems to have no hidden agenda?   Then say hello to “Botl.”  This fun, inspired site is about sharing – not with a group of “friends” but instead with, practically, the whole world.  Based on the idea of a message in a bottle, the site is your portal to launch “Botls” of messages, images, sounds and videos out into the virtual unknown and see where they go.  You can track your botls as they travel “miles” around the globe and see who opens them.  It’s a fun way to share that is more personal than youtube and not as specific as facebook.   I vi

One Million Dollar Bill, Baby!

Have you heard the one about the guy with the one million dollar bill at Wal-Mart?  Well, let me tell ya, friend, this one is no joke!  A Lexington, North Carolina man actually did try to buy his Wal-Mart goods, including a vacuum cleaner and microwave oven, with a one million dollar bill and had the gumption to be insistent that the darn thing was real.  The fellow was eventually detained and charged with “attempting to obtain property by false pretense and uttering a forged instrument.”  What I find the most mind-boggling is that this guy must’ve actually thought the average Wal-Mart cash

First Lego League

Two DLZP Group employees had the privilege of volunteering at the 2011 South Texas First Lego League Championship Tournament this past Saturday.  The event took place at John H.


I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish but didn’t take it in school and, after college, I never wanted to spend the money on classes or language-learning software like Rosetta Stone, so my hopes of Spanish proficiency fell to the wayside.   However, something new on the horizon has peaked my second-language desires.  Duolingo, a new web offering still in closed beta form – the software is still being tested by select users --may be the road to Spanish aptitude that I’ve been waiting for.Duolingo attempts to kill two birds with one stone.  You get to learn a language for FREE while providing a

Karen Spiegler

Just the other day, I was lucky to chat for a bit with Karen Spiegler, one of DLZP’s partner consultants, about her experience and outlook on the future of the industry.   Karen’s start in PeopleSoft consulting took root during her last year in college.  Though at the time she was premed, a serendipitous meeting with an Arthur Anderson recruiter convinced her to take a chance and try her hand with business consulting, which she thought would give her more control over her career.   The rest, as they say, is history.  Now Karen has over 13 years consulting experience with a specialization in

Startup Softball!

 DLZP Group is participating in the Startup Softball game on Saturday, March 24th at Cleveland Park in Houston, Texas.  This softball game/BBQ is a cool, fun way to meet members of the local business community and get some sun, too.  We’re looking forward to getting out on the field, hitting some homeruns, and getting to know some movers and shakers!  If you want to join in on the fun, check out http://startupsoftball.com/.

Amazon Web Services

 DLZP Group has teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide you with a more efficient implementation.  DLZP Group utilizes AWS to host the development and test phase of your implementation.  This allows Production to remain onsite, saves you thousands of dollars and shortens the implementation time-period significantly.   AWS allows you to pay for what you use and, when the implementation is done, so is your AWS subscription.  This is considerably more cost-effective than purchasing another server and other equipment in-house.  It also cuts down tremendously on the set-up time – wha


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