Robert Landes

DLZP Group is proud to welcome Robert Landes as our new Client Services Representative.  Robert has had a notable musical history that started at age three when he began playing the violin.  Since that auspicious beginning, he has performed at numerous functions, led the Chamber Orchestra in its Carnegie Hall debut, and won several awards --not to mention that he began teaching private music lessons at the ripe old age of thirteen!

Techno Chaos

I’m all for supporting local businesses, so when I heard about Techno Chaos opening in Sugarland, Texas,  I decided to check it out.   What I found was a unique place for kids to learn in a fun, challenging environment with an emphasis on the hands-on application of science, technology, engineering and math concepts.

To Catch a Dollar

About three months ago,  I saw the documentary “To Catch a Dollar.”  I was just talking to a friend about it the other day and thought I’d write a brief blog about it.  This insightful film, a 2010 Sundance Film Festival selection,  follows Noble Peace Prize winner and Presidential Medal of Honor winner Muhammad Yunus as he brings his revolutionary microfinance program, Grameen Bank,  to New York City.   With its roots in Bangladesh in the late 1970s, Muhammad Yunus started Grameen Bank as an avenue for women to obtain small loans for business ventures without the need for collateral.

Khan Academy

 I’m the type of person who generally wonders, “Am I smarter than a fifth grader?”   Why?  Because, while I have enough knowledge and experience to make me an expert in my particular field and successful in my professional life, ask me a question about the French Revolution or Heron’s Formula or….just what Free Radicals are, and I will quickly feign a stomach ache and take my leave.  The truth is all of us have problems understanding some concepts, grasping the timeline of important events in history, or even knowing exactly what some word or phrase tossed around in everyday conversation ac


 Last month, on June 28th, Google announced the launch of their new social networking site “Google +”(Google Plus), and I have to say – I’m intrigued.  First and most importantly, I love the idea of circles – “friends” grouped together based on my relationship with them so I can share things with just my work colleges or my family or my old buddies from school without having to share with EVERYBODY (a great, practical idea that makes you wonder why someone didn’t come up with it sooner).  There are four Circles that are standard, which include “Friends,” “Family,” “Acquaintances,” and “Foll


 I read an article on yesterday – “How Lego Changed the World of Toys” by Daniel Terdiman – that really got me thinking about those crazy colored bricks.  I loved playing with Legos as a child and, as a parent, enjoy seeing my son play with them (I often get down on the floor and, happily, join him in the building process), but, I wondered, have Legos really changed the world of toys?  At first I kind of scoffed at the idea but the more I thought about it, the more I believe that they have.  The truth is, I can’t deny that Lego has had a sizeable impact on generations of children.


This is along the lines of the “To Catch a Dollar” blog I wrote a few weeks ago, but I just had to mention this really cool way of providing microloans to people around the world that really anyone can participate in.   At, you can browse borrowers, and then, if you choose, loan them money –in  as little as $25 increments.  The borrowers are from all over the world, and the goal of Kiva is to provide loans that alleviate poverty.   One great thing about Kiva is that 100% of your loan actually goes to the borrower!  This is made possible by a hu

$10 Internet Access

I just had to write when I saw this article, “Comcast offers $10 internet access to low-income families” by Erica Swallow on  I think the title caught my eye immediately because I think nowadays internet access is something a lot of us just assume that everyone has, but, in reality, it’s not really affordable for many people.  I have a few relatives who cannot afford the high-speed internet access – that extra monthly bill is just too much for their budgets – and will visit their local library whenever they need to get online.  Not a tragedy, of course, but still I have to say kudo


 I want a HiPhone!

Secret Video

So there’s an article on that’s pretty freaky.   The title is, “Survey: 50% of Americans are Cell Phone Video Spies.”  Whatcha talkin’ about, Willis?!  Seriously?


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