AWS Blog Highlights DLZP Group

Check out the AWS Blog about DLZP Group!  

PeopleSoft @ Collaborate 14

Check out Marc Weindtraub's blog on the PeopleSoft offerings at this year's Collaborate conference.

VAT Setup in PeopleSoft - Part 1

Often I hear from customers that implementing VAT in PeopleSoft is a rather complicated process. It requires a lot of set up and country-specific knowledge of VAT/GST rules. In this article, I have tried to look into this problem in a more systematic manner and made an attempt to see if VAT/GST in your PeopleSoft Finance system can be implemented with less complication and with more understanding of the subject.

Excel to CI

You can use an Excel-to-Component Interface (CI) to load a large number of assets from an Excel Worksheet into PeopleSoft. During a conversion, use this tool to add asset information to your PeopleSoft database to populate financial and physical asset data. There is Business Logic built into the CI that provides a Data Validation process prior to loading the assets into PeopleSoft. This logic provides the same verification steps that the system uses when entering assets directly into the database.

VAT Setup in PeopleSoft - Part 2

DLZP Group Test Drive Lab

 It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the Test Drive Lab program for PeopleSoft. We have been working on this initiative for some time and are very excited about what it means for our customers. The Test Drive Lab is a fully functional PeopleSoft 9.1 application running on Amazon’s EC2 Cloud Compute environment.

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