For the third and final Viziya Blog, I am going to discuss the WorkAlign Scheduler solution.  The Scheduler was the catalyst for the Oracle-Viziya relationship that exits today, and Oracle has been closely involved in the development of this product so that it seamlessly integrates as a web-based, front-end/bolt-on to an existing ERP/maintenance system (Oracle EAM, JD Edwards CAM and INFOR).

The WorkAlign Scheduler includes the ability to easily filter and schedule work orders, perform mass edits (incredible!), review crew schedules, reallocate work, add resources, and manage shifts and hours. Other capabilities include the Work Order Quality Check, which holds every work order to an established standard for accuracy and completion and flags any orders not meeting the standard, and the Crew Builder, which groups any resources from any department into working units that manage crews more effectively. This enhanced functionality works to capitalize on any amount of time spent on maintenance, which increases efficiencies and provides a clear picture of a company’s assets, resources, and maintenance schedule.

Updates are done in real-time, so data is always in synch.  And because it is an out-of-the-box product, the implementation period is quick and painless.  In addition, the Scheduler provides 25 KPIs, Key Performance Indicators that are invaluable in determining load, overload, and underload.  With the KPIs, you can maximize the efficiency of your maintenance team through vital graphical feedback on all your maintenance processes.

The WorkAlign Scheduler gives you all the functionality of best-in-class products but without the hefty price tag of a stand-alone system.  The capabilities also provide cost savings through:

  •  Increased utilization of maintenance scheduling and resources
  •  Reduced contractor and overtime expenses
  •  Better maintained assets for fewer production outages

 If you want to simplify the scheduling process and work more efficiently, take a look at Viziya’s Scheduler product at www.  It truly can make a significant impact on the maintenance management of your company.