As the second part of my Viziya Blog, culled from my interview with Marc Trusio, I am going to discuss the WorkAlign Analytics tool that Viziya provides as a bolt-on to Oracle EAM, JD Edwards CAM, PeopleSoft ALM, and Maximo.  Viziya Analytics is a best-in-class business intelligence product that Oracle specifically asked Viziya to build that eclipses traditional reporting methods.  Impressive, right? Viziya’s approach was to design the tool like the Oracle OBI apps so you acquire a complete data warehouse with the underlying meta-layer drawing maintenance related data from the many Oracle tables.  Information is pulled directly from this data layer to create reports on all costs related to asset maintenance.

 As an out-of-the-box suite, Viziya Analytics can be installed directly into your existing maintenance system from Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and Maximo, with SAP soon to follow.  This significantly reduces implementation time, so you can get up and running in no time.  With an interactive interface that is easily navigated, Analytics allows for the creation and organization of hundreds of reports.  The tool provides numerous pre-defined reports and dashboards that have been created to pinpoint items such as tracking and managing your maintenance dollars, viewing and analyzing work-order activity, and evaluating your resource utilization/schedule compliance.   Since Analytics is a web-based solution, sharing company wide is simplified and users are able to add, modify and customize reports quickly and easily.

 Even if you don’t have the Oracle OBI Enterprise Edition (the suite that Analytics is built on), Viziya offers a “hosted” model so smaller businesses can get into the game as well.    Moreover, Analytics’ customers receive updates and patches, including new reports on a regular basis.   To find out more about the WorkAlign Analytics Solution, go to  I highly recommend you check them out!