Well, I can hardly believe I have gone live! After months of preparation and development, we have finally launched our new firm.  I am very proud of what I have been able to accomplish to date and look forward to implementing the amazing things I have planned. Today this site contains the first phase of what I hope will be a successful and valuable tool to be utilized by our Customers, Employees and Business Partners.


On this site you will find a different approach to implementing Oracle ERP Software. As you’ll see, we have created a subscription-based consulting model that will allow Oracle customers to get the consulting input they need when they need it. All  of our subscriptions will be based on a 1-year term and,  in a nutshell, will provide our customers with a consultant at-the-ready.  Our focus is you – the customer – and because we believe all feedback is good feedback, we have provided an easy and  consistent way for you to communicate with us. On every page of this site, you will find a feedback icon that will send a message directly to me.  Please don’t be shy about sending me comments, advice, critisisms – I greatly value all your responses and will use them to continually enhance our service model.

One of our core beliefs here at DLZP Group is that we want to be open, honest and provide considerable business value along with outstanding customer service.  We were founded on three fundamental beliefs --  1) creating a community that is collaborative, 2) continually pushing the limits of innovation and creativity and 3) delivering on what we say.  And as I have watched the exciting evolution of ERP from my first implementation in 1995 to the current capabilities, it never ceases to amaze me at how quickly and profoundly the possibilities grow.  Our hope for DLZP Group is to continue this evolution with service delivery model innovation – with the ability to assist our clients in the pioneering ways that we’ve created and in ways that we haven’t yet imagined.

Now I’d like to briefly outline our 3-tiered delivery method.  Here at DLZP Group, we’ve created a comprehensive service model that allows you to get as little or as much Oracle application support as you require.

Our Virtual Consultant Service

In this model,  you gain access to our site for the products that you specifically own or are currently implementing.  This service will provide you with content such as video demo’s, templates and detailed user manuals in order for you to fully take advantage of your software products’ capabilities.  This package of information has been created by experts in the field, who not only have the knowledge but also the training know-how to produce comprehensive materials that will guide you clearly and efficiently through the implementation process and any additional training needs.  This service is provided as a 1-year subscription so that you can implement the product at your own pace; and as you need questions answered, you can log service tickets within our site.   This service also includes 120 hours of remote consulting support that can be used at any time within the 1-year subscription timeline.

The Lab Based Implementation Service

Lab  Based Implementations are similar to on-site engagements, only we work remotely with you to implement  the Oracle Products and services you have purchased. Included in this package is access to our virtual consultant service for a 1- year timeframe. This service is ideal for organizations that desire to have a consultant lead the implementation effort but don’t require them to be onsite for the duration of the project.  This service is designed to implement the full functionality of the software without customizations. Each product has a different amount of consulting hours provided. Please contact us for more details.

Our Traditional On-Site Consulting

Through this service, we can provide you with a consultant onsite that will lead your Oracle Product Implementation. The unique feature about this package is that we couple it with our Virtual Consultant Service for a 1-year period so that even when the project is complete, you still have access to adhoc consulting as you need it.

Another unique feature of our firm is that we will be prominently highlighting the skills and capabilities of our employees and business partners on our blog. This hearkens back to our desire to build a collaborative community. At DLZP Group, we have worked with many specialized firms over the years and now are able to bring them together under the DLZP Group umbrella.  This enables us to offer our mutual customers outstanding services tailored to their needs and the successful delivery of features, functionality and business value in a more cost-effective means. 

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about DLZP Group, and I look forward to working with you as our customers, employees and partners. Together, we can open up the enterprise and grow our businesses.