DLZP is proud to announce its new User Productivity Kit (UPK) hosted solutions. User Productivity Kit is an Oracle application designed to service your ERP implementation from beginning to end – from system process documents and test scripts, to end user training and in-application support.

 Companies can choose to have DLZP host their UPK servers, performing upgrades and maintenance for their company so that they do not need to add an additional team member, or DLZP can come in and help you implement UPK. We offer training services, installation, and developer support as your company learns how to get the greatest ROI possible from this powerful Oracle tool.

 We can also develop customized end-user training and implementation programs. We’ve worked with large organizations, both union and non-union, in manufacturing, utilities, academic, government and the health care industries. Our consultants have over 10 years experience working on Change Management/Readiness teams on ERP Projects for Oracle, SAP, Siebel, Lawson and JDEdwards. They’ve also been beta testers for UPK and for Oracle’s UPK Certification program. We have the connections and experience to offer a customized, cost-effective UPK solution to meet your business needs!

 And, great news -- we are developing a UPK Test Drive that will be available on our Test Drive page soon!