So I just tried to visit, and it said, “Unthink is over capacity.  Please try again later.”  Eek.  So will Unthink, as they claim, really be the catalyst for a social revolution?  Might be hard if folks can’t get onto their site…

Their manifesto is intriguing, though, “We’ve been waiting for things to change.  We’re not waiting anymore.”  Emancipation!  So what exactly are we being emancipated from?  Why facebook, of course!  I, for one, wouldn’t mind a little emancipation from facebook – I’ve grown weary of their constant site changes/updates that don’t often make the site, IMO, any better --but the truth is, it’s not just about whether I would be willing to switch to a new social media site like Unthink – but whether all my friends and family would be willing to switch, too.  That’s the rub, isn’t it?  And face it, most people are not that open to change.

 What Unthink does provide is a site without the privacy issues of facebook and promises there won’t be “endless redesigns.”  It also touts that users will own their own data, whereas with facebook, all your information is packaged and sold to advertisers.   With Unthink, users can actually choose a brand to “sponsor” their page.  This provides a user with more control as they can pick a brand they feel a kinship with.  However, users can forgo the brand sponsorship and pay an annual $2 fee instead.

I must say, I’m willing to give Unthink a once-over (if I can get onto the site), but whether I jump the facebook ship is not based so much on the cool Unthink features but more on who’s willing to jump ship with me.