So there’s an article on that’s pretty freaky.   The title is, “Survey: 50% of Americans are Cell Phone Video Spies.”  Whatcha talkin’ about, Willis?!  Seriously? Am I the only one who had no clue people were doing this?  Ugh, I certainly do not like the idea of someone secretly taking a video and posting it on YouTube.  And what do folks most like to take videos of?  Well, number one in the survey was people wearing embarrassing outfits.  Seriously?!  I am hoping these people are mostly teenagers because it is scary to me to think that adults are taking the time to do this.  Other intriguing moments in life that these amateur videographers like to secretly capture are:  “sexy waitresses” and “lawn mowing hunks.”   They also delight in capturing nose pickers,  co-workers eating or imitating the boss.  Delightful.

Well, Qumu, a webcasting company that initiated the survey, is interested in providing workers with a way to share these all-important videos on the company intranet or server, so everyone can laugh together at the humiliation of co-workers!  What a grand idea!  It’s always a good thing to encourage the secret, mean-spirited behavior of others!   Oh, the humanity!