This is along the lines of the “To Catch a Dollar” blog I wrote a few weeks ago, but I just had to mention this really cool way of providing microloans to people around the world that really anyone can participate in.   At, you can browse borrowers, and then, if you choose, loan them money –in  as little as $25 increments.  The borrowers are from all over the world, and the goal of Kiva is to provide loans that alleviate poverty.   One great thing about Kiva is that 100% of your loan actually goes to the borrower!  This is made possible by a huge network of volunteers.  It’s really a simple process – you choose a borrower, make the loan through PayPal;  and as the loan is repaid, you receive money back in your account.  So far $231 million in loans have been made, and the repayment rate is an impressive 98.79%.  Kiva is currently in 59 countries and has over 600,000 lenders.  The thing that I love about this organization is that they really make it easy for anyone to make a difference in someone’s life anywhere in the world and to know that they are impacting someone’s life for the long-term.   This is not about a fleeting handout but about helping others create opportunities that will better their lives.  And that, my friends, is pretty darn cool!