I’m the type of person who generally wonders, “Am I smarter than a fifth grader?”   Why?  Because, while I have enough knowledge and experience to make me an expert in my particular field and successful in my professional life, ask me a question about the French Revolution or Heron’s Formula or….just what Free Radicals are, and I will quickly feign a stomach ache and take my leave.  The truth is all of us have problems understanding some concepts, grasping the timeline of important events in history, or even knowing exactly what some word or phrase tossed around in everyday conversation actually means.  Well, for all of you who are like me and feel that learning never ends, there is an exciting new innovative approach to education for all – the Khan Academy.    What started out with founder Salmon Khan creating a few videos on Youtube to help his cousins learn algebra has blossomed into The Khan Academy -- a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to “deliver a world-class education to anyone, anywhere.”  A lofty goal, yes; but incredibly, it just might work!  There are literally over 2,000 videos – all accessible for FREE – that teach in a way that is easy to grasp and, believe it or not, addictive.  My 8-year-old son was able to understand the concept of “currency exchange” in 10 minutes thanks to the straight-forward explanations and simple graphics used in the presentation.  Each video has a Q&A section, too – the virtual equivalent to raising your hand in class – and there are exercises tied to many of the concepts taught in the videos that students can complete on their own timeline.  As a parent, you can view the statistics of your child’s progress on the site – videos watched, exercises completed, areas they are struggling in and others where they excel.   Your child can even earn Kahn badges –a great motivator for young learners!The Khan Academy’s unique method of “teaching” has challenged the educational status quo and provided millions of people with free access to substantial instruction on countless subjects.  In September 2010, the Khan Academy received a $2 million award from Google to continue and expand their offerings.   Sal’s future goals for the Khan Academy are to “see (the) Khan Academy becoming the world's first free, world-class virtual school where anyone can learn anything--for free. The videos are just part of the vision. We are building out the adaptive software to cover all the topics that the videos cover. We also intend to develop simulation games to give more nuanced and applied understanding of concepts.”If you are a parent or someone who just loves to keep learning, check out www.khanacademy.org.  It may change the way you think of education and, hopefully, you’ll learn some things, too!