Just the other day, I was lucky to chat for a bit with Karen Spiegler, one of DLZP’s partner consultants, about her experience and outlook on the future of the industry.   Karen’s start in PeopleSoft consulting took root during her last year in college.  Though at the time she was premed, a serendipitous meeting with an Arthur Anderson recruiter convinced her to take a chance and try her hand with business consulting, which she thought would give her more control over her career.   The rest, as they say, is history.  Now Karen has over 13 years consulting experience with a specialization in PeopleSoft Financial and Human Resource implementations.  Most of this period, she was consulting onsite, but a few years ago, she made the switch to working predominantly from home.  I asked what challenges working remotely presented and if she felt it was just as effective as consulting onsite.  Her response was that she felt technology had paved the way for offsite consulting to be a success.  With the advent of Skype and conference/meeting services like Webex, consultants can easily communicate with clients.  She did suggest that remote consulting can be difficult for a large project in which there are numerous players.  Trying to connect with a large contingent effectively can be a challenge.  However, she considered offsite consulting to benefit smaller projects considerably as these clients tend to receive more one-on-one attention than they would during an onsite implementation.

I also asked Karen what her opinion was of DLZP’s Self-Service consulting option.  I wondered if, in her experience, she believed there was a client demand for this type of offering.  She answered in the affirmative, mentioning that there are numerous customers with a lot of technical know-how that would only require access to guides and a moderate level of support.   She thought this type of service would provide a company with more ownership if they have the talent internally and makes more sense for their bottom line.

A North Carolina resident, Karen enjoys spending time with her two kids and working out.  She just completed a half marathon and is training for a triathlon.  Impressive!

We’re privileged to work with Karen and look forward to a long, prosperous relationship.