I want a HiPhone! Okay, not really, but I kind of get a kick out of the iPhone knock-offs that are found in the unabashedly Apple imitation stores cropping up around China.  According to Don Resisinger on cnet.com, the HiPhone 5, a phone that mimics the yet-to-be-released iPhone 5’s reported features, has hit the market – and selling for a whopping $33!  Is it wrong that I’m tickled pink over this?  Lately, I just get annoyed with everyone and their iPhones and iPads, whipping them out at a drop of a hat to show you their latest app, or, god forbid you ask a question about ANYTHING – they unholster that iPhone like they’re in an informational duel and go to town searching on Wikipedia.  It’s a bit obnoxious and showy and, all around, I’m tired of the whole Apple thing.  Yes, maybe their operating system is superior, but it’s kind of gross that the iPhone/iPad thing has almost become a status symbol.  Sitting on a plane months back, the woman in the seat next to me made a big show of pulling her iPad out of her bag like it was the holy grail and then proceeded to browse around at totally pointless sites that really had no purpose except to give her the opportunity to SHOW ME that she had an iPad!  Ugh, talk about obnoxious.  I felt like yelling, “I get it, you have an iPad, you shallow freak!” and smacking her in the head with my Droid.  O-kay, I admit -- maybe I’m being totally juvenile and ridiculous, but at this point, I’d take a HiPhone over an iPhone any day!