I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish but didn’t take it in school and, after college, I never wanted to spend the money on classes or language-learning software like Rosetta Stone, so my hopes of Spanish proficiency fell to the wayside.   However, something new on the horizon has peaked my second-language desires.  Duolingo, a new web offering still in closed beta form – the software is still being tested by select users --may be the road to Spanish aptitude that I’ve been waiting for.Duolingo attempts to kill two birds with one stone.  You get to learn a language for FREE while providing a vital website translating service.  How does it work?  Duolingo provides you with sentences that you need to translate based on your language level.  If you’re unsure of the word, you need only hover over it and Duolingo will provide you with an answer.  Now don’t sweat it, thinking your translation is it – the final copy that will appear on translated web pages.  Duolingo uses a quality check system that includes native speakers voting on the best translation offered from numerous “students.”  It’s an inspired idea that can benefit language learners and companies in need of quality translations alike.  I must say, I’m hopeful.  I have signed up and am on the waiting list.  Who knows? Maybe by this time next year, I’ll be able to blog about my experience with Duolingo in Spanish!