It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the Test Drive Lab program for PeopleSoft. We have been working on this initiative for some time and are very excited about what it means for our customers. The Test Drive Lab is a fully functional PeopleSoft 9.1 application running on Amazon’s EC2 Cloud Compute environment. We have developed a frictionless process that allows customers to quickly start and evaluate the power of PeopleSoft.  Using services like Amazon helps us reduce the implementation time and cost and allows our customers to focus their efforts on the business value of the application.

The AWS Test Drive Lab provides customers that register with 5 hours of AWS compute time to evaluate and play with the most recent release of PeopleSoft. The current environment contains the latest patches and fixes, as well as the most recent PeopleTools Release available at the time we built it.  Every 3 months we will be updating our Test Drive Environment with the most recent copy of PeopleSoft so that customers who take the Test Drive will be able to experience the latest features and enhancements that PeopleSoft has to offer.

With this process, we are able to provision a PeopleSoft environment for you within minutes.  We have developed AMI templates for Demo, Development, Test and Production environments that customers can use to quickly move to the Cloud with their PeopleSoft Applications.  Our hope is that after a customer experiences our Test Drive, they will realize that deploying PeopleSoft can be as simple as pressing a start button on the DLZP Group website. The current Test Drive environments contain a full copy of PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) and PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management (FSCM).  When you register, you receive access to self-paced online video walk-throughs of the most common transactions in either environment.

Within HCM we provide you with the following videos:

  • PeopleSoft Login and Navigation Overview
  • Add an Employee
  • Enter Time  
  • View Pay Check
  • View W2
  • Managers Dashboard

Within the FSCM we provide you with the following videos:

  • PeopleSoft Login and Navigation Overview
  • Create a Vendor
  • Create a Requisition
  • Source Requisition to a Purchase Order (PO)
  • Dispatch the Purchase Order
  • Enter a Voucher (invoice)

We haven’t yet explored all the capabilities that this type of service can do for our customers and will continue to experiment with different service offerings and adding additional capabilities to automate the most common tasks related to managing your PeopleSoft environment.  If you have a unique request or would like to run a Proof of Concept for your firm to evaluate moving to the cloud, contact us at: or phone: 281-912-DLZP (3597). Our team of dedicated employees are more than willing to assist you with any questions that you have about deploying PeopleSoft in a Cloud environment.

David Brunet
President of DLZP Group