Recently I had the privilege to speak with Rich Bruklis, the VP of Marketing at CloudReplica, about their innovative data protection services.   First off, I was curious to find out just who CloudReplica saw as their competitors, as their service, as far as I knew, was a unique offering.  I was intrigued by the surprising answer.

Rich informed me that they saw two main types of competitors.  The first competitor was an idea or way of thinking – not a bricks-and-mortar company that he could name.  The traditional way of thinking that the best way to save and protect computer data was by using tape or disk back-up was the first “competitor” Rich identified.  The comfort of having that physical, can-hold-in-your-hand proof of your back-up process is a tough belief  to overcome.  Not only does the tape/disk back-up have some deep-rooted familiarity that provides reassurance, it is also the most economical back-up avenue for companies to take.  The second competitor he mentioned were the companies that utilized high-end, second site, multiple servers, duplicate storage solutions to perform their data storage needs.  This direction represents the other extreme – a very costly and time-consuming process to set-up and maintain.

As Rich explained the back-up is the easy part.  The challenge comes when you lose data.  If you are used to traditional back-up and your computer system crashes, keep in mind that applications and databases will need to be restored, and possibly the operating system if the one you had is outdated. If there was a natural disaster and thousands of companies needed to recover their systems, there could be an inventory shortage that could greatly affect the amount of time it would take your business to get back up and running.

So just what is CloudReplica and how does it protect your business better?  Well, as Rich so eloquently put it  -- It is a solution that takes all the goodness of a high-end method with the low cost of the traditional approach.  What makes CloudReplica different is that it provides a way for you to “outsource your protection.”  Instead of just backing-up your data every night, Cloud Replica makes an exact copy of your server – this includes applications, registry, databases – and stores it in a “clone” Cloud server off-site.  During the day, as data changes, it is captured and migrated to the Cloud site so that information is updated in real-time.  A unique feature of this process is that only new information is replicated to the Cloud, unlike other processes that will replicate whole chunks of data when only a small portion has been altered.   The CloudReplica advantage is you don’t incur the tremendous costs tied to leasing a second site, paying the utilities on that site, and purchasing the equipment you’ll need to set-up multiple servers.  The costs are lower, but the protection is better and, thus, the recovery is better.

All in all, I left my chat with Rich feeling quite intrigued and impressed.  CloudReplica seems to be a true industry game-changer.  DLZP Group is proud to be Partners with CloudReplica, a company also committed to innovation and superior service solutions.  If you would like to find out more about CloudReplica and how our partnership can benefit you, please contact us at or 281.912.DLZP.