Are you ready for a social networking site that seems to have no hidden agenda?   Then say hello to “Botl.”  This fun, inspired site is about sharing – not with a group of “friends” but instead with, practically, the whole world.  Based on the idea of a message in a bottle, the site is your portal to launch “Botls” of messages, images, sounds and videos out into the virtual unknown and see where they go.  You can track your botls as they travel “miles” around the globe and see who opens them.  It’s a fun way to share that is more personal than youtube and not as specific as facebook.   I viewed a bunch of botls and saw some pretty cool videos (check out  A Touch of Classical), some very sweet messages, and funny animations.  Since the site is extremely easy to use,  it’s a really great way for folks that are a bit more technically challenged to get a message out there to the world. To get in on the botling fun, go to and start creating your own botls to share!