DLZP Group has teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide you with a more efficient implementation.  DLZP Group utilizes AWS to host the development and test phase of your implementation.  This allows Production to remain onsite, saves you thousands of dollars and shortens the implementation time-period significantly.   AWS allows you to pay for what you use and, when the implementation is done, so is your AWS subscription.  This is considerably more cost-effective than purchasing another server and other equipment in-house.  It also cuts down tremendously on the set-up time – what typically takes 80 hours using equipment in-house, can take a mere couple of days to get going with AWS.  Even if you have an existing server and equipment that can be used for the development and test phase, AWS is still a better investment as Amazon also provides monitoring services.

To find out more about how DLZP Group uses AWS to save you time and money, contact us at 281-912-DLZP or info@dlzpgroup.com.