DLZP Group is a woman- and minority-owned business that was founded by Oracle consultants who recognized a gap existed in the delivery of client services. While on-site consulting services were fundamental to a significant segment of the client base, there remained those customers who, while in need of technical assistance and instruction, did not necessarily need service delivery through an on-site specialist. With this notion in mind, a new idea was hatched - to offer a range of service options that, while including the traditional consulting approach, would also comprise a wide-range of online offerings -- a virtual consulting engine -- to meet the demands of the more tech-savvy client. The result is the DLZP Solution, a combination of the traditional delivery method coupled with a web-based innovation that provides a more tailored, cost-effective consulting experience. In addition, with the advent of Open Source Software and the expansion of this software into the enterprise, there is a growing need for services to support these applications. At DLZP Group, we see Open Source and ERP applications working together to provide a complete solution. You will see by the diversity of offerings we provide that we are able to mitigate the risk and provide business value, while enabling organizations to use the best software available to them to meet their business needs.