With the DLZP Solution, your organization will have access to the tribal knowledge of the best consultants in the industry while, at the same time, containing the costs related to supporting Oracle Products.

Oracle Support

Throughout our site, you will find information about implementing and supporting Oracle Products and Services. We encourage you to sign-up, explore, and collaborate with us as we build a truly unique Customer Experience here at the DLZP Group.

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PeopleSoft Support

WIthin the DLZP Group, you will find some of the most highly skilled consultants available providing you with support. When you purchase our services,  you don't just...

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VAT Setup in PeopleSoft - Part 1

Often I hear from customers that implementing VAT in PeopleSoft is a rather complicated process. It requires a lot of set up and country-specific knowledge of VAT/GST rules. In...

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Excel to CI

You can use an Excel-to-Component Interface (CI) to load a large number of assets from an Excel Worksheet into PeopleSoft. During a conversion, use this tool to add asset...

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